of the Digital Voice

Article I

The Digital Voice was founded in 2015. The title of the organization shall remain permanent to ensure embodiment of the culture within the newspaper.

Article II

The Digital Voice was founded with the intention of granting the students of Thomas Jefferson University an opportunity to speak out on behalf of student interests, student opinions, and trending controversial topics. Other goals of The Digital Voice include the encouragement of challenging political ideas by means of creative articulate thinking and writing. The infrastructure of The Digital Voice should allow flexibility regarding ideas and topics.


The Digital Voice will preserve this culture by maintaining a schedule that consists of two formal meetings per month along with two other informal meetings for writers to meet with editors. Editors of The Digital Voice are responsible for helping writers develop their topics by providing workshops if necessary. Editors shall also be held responsible for planning one mandatory event per semester that writers must attend or help organize.

Article III

In the event of an accreditation process all competency, authority, and credibility must be within the hands of students. All Thomas Jefferson University students must receive the opportunity to be a writer for The Digital Voice; however, editors have the right to deny articles from writers with reasonable rationale. The Digital Voice also has the right to allow non-students to submit articles to be evaluated for publishing.

Article IV

Formal meetings for The Digital Voice shall be held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Informal meetings shall be set upon request.

Article V

An Amendment to this constitution may be initiated by any member of The Digital Voice and must pass by a 2/3 vote of the editors.

Article VI

Funds of The Digital Voice shall be handled by the editors, however, shall be in the control of the Editor-in-chief. Editors shall decide on a 2/3 vote before any funds can be disbursed.