• Sarine Kaprielian

Kanye’s Downward Spiral

Kanye went on a spree…just not the good kind. The rapper took to Instagram to cyberbully and threaten his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Along with that, he started beef with Kid Cudi and Billie Eilish. Kanye West has been doing what he thinks is the correct way to win back his ex-wife and have their family back together again.

The cause of the dispute with Billie Eilish does not have to do with Kanye at all, but instead Travis Scott, who is performing with Kanye at Coachella this year. On November 5th, 2021, multiple people died as a result of an overflow of people at Travis Scott’s concert. As more people started to enter, concertgoers got pushed to the front, causing people to fall over and go into cardiac arrest. This caused an uproar of hate towards Travis Scott and assertions as to how he should have handled the situation.. Billie Eilish recently did a show in Atlanta and stopped the performance when she noticed that there was a fan in distress. She was notified that the fan needed an inhaler and got her one right away. Once she was in the clear, she said, “we’re taking care of our people. I wait for people to be okay until I keep going”. People assumed from her saying that, even though she never explicitly stated his name, that she was referring to Travis Scott; at least Kanye thought so. He called Billie Eilish out via Instagram and told her that if she didn’t apologize to Travis, he wouldn’t perform at Coachella.

As for Kid Cudi, Kanye made it clear that he would no longer feature Cudi on his upcoming album ‘Donda 2’ because he is friends with Pete Davidson with these Instagram posts:

Pete Davidson has been a target of Kanye’s cyber attacks since he was first linked to Kim Kardashian. He calls Pete ‘Skete’ and has gone out of his way to make Pete look bad by trying to expose him for something or by posting an unflattering picture of him. Kanye says that he will never meet his children and has gone so far as to bring Ariana Grande and Mac Miller into the feud.

This all backfired on Kanye because the public didn’t appreciate him bringing Mac Miller into a petty feud. He also started to come off as manipulative towards Kim Kardashian. She, just as most of the public, did not like what Kanye was doing, so she texted him to put an end to it. However, having her text messages posted on Instagram was not something she cared for, so when she asked to keep things private, he didn’t seem to understand that what he was doing was wrong. He says to her “I’m your number one fan… why wouldn’t I tell everyone”. It seems very manipulative as Kanye’s number one goal is to get his family back. On Valentine’s day, Kanye sent Kim a truck full of roses because to him, Kim is still his love, even though they are separated.. People are concerned for Kim and Pete’s safety saying that Kanye is escalating to dangerous levels and hoping he gets help. It doesn't help that Kanye has friends that are encouraging his behavior rather than trying to help him.

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