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Mail-In Ballot Fight Continues

On November 19th, President Donald Trump won a lawsuit in Pennsylvania ruling that 2,000 votes without a date do not count. President-elect Joe Biden remains ahead by more than 81,000 votes, still leaving a large number of votes for the President-elect to undoubtedly be declared the president assuming there wasn’t more interference or recounting.

After losing several lawsuits fighting mail-in ballots, President Trump's reelection campaign dropped its own federal suit in Michigan, in an attempt to block certification in Detroit. Arizona’s Republican Attorney General, who is in charge of the elections, got fed up with the President's claims and stated there is no fraud. After having almost every case against mail-in ballots thrown out by judges due to lack of evidence, it is safe to say an attempt to try and block the certification of states may be his next course of action. With that being said, it is actively against the law in Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin law says he does not have the right to do it. In fact, a lawyer named David Fink directly involved in the mail-in ballot suits stated “They can put whatever spin they want on it. They dismissed the case because they were going to lose.”

Another course of action President Trump has taken is attempting to stop some emergency loans to cities to make it more difficult for the President-elect to rebuild the economy. Although there’s a rise in COVID cases, with almost 200,000 cases in one day, the main focus of the current administration seems to be their position at the head of the table in the White House. With that being said, the President-elect seems to have won this race, with some of his toughest obstacles being the pandemic and its effect on the economy he will have to inherit from the current administration.

Although this seems like it's still a win for the Democratic Party, one of the President's advantages is having an overwhelming amount of his supporters believe that there was fraud involved in the 2020 election. With 77% of Trump supporters thinking an unjust election may have taken place, they are more likely to believe him no matter the lack of evidence. Keeping this supporter base is crucial for President Trump's possible campaign in 2024.

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