• Candace Miller

"My Own Petals"

she loves me, she loves me not

she sees me, she sees me not

She takes my petal in her hand

with such a smooth caress

and with the love she gives I can’t feel anymore

it’s too tight, it’s too cold, it’s not enough

see she loves me she says she does

she touches my petals with quickness and lust

see she loved me, she loved me not

I see the things she does take too much

As she tries to handle her petals with care

she's overwatered herself with nothing clean

and nothing rich

see she will be loved and there is no not

she will be in this soil whether harsh or not

she will be loved and I think not that I want to go back to the dry rot of her care

because she wants to love and there will be no

she loved me not - Candace Miller

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