• Georgia Skuza

Our President Elect Joseph Biden and The Long Fight Ahead

Joe Biden is not an unfamiliar face. That very idea was key in his campaign success. Although he and his supporters are celebrating his victory his campaign had very bleak moments. Then candidate Biden suffered early defeats in the Iowa caucus and following primaries. This may have resulted from a heavily underfunded campaign, but that did little to halt his advancements to the highest office.

Currently, president elect Biden has 290 electoral votes in his favor and won over 70 million votes nationwide. Incumbent Donald Trump is the first president since George H.W Bush to only be elected to a single term. Even though president Trump will fight the results to his last breath, it will do little to change the results. As Joe Biden said the American people have spoken and a new direction is wanted.

A much-needed rest has been earned for both Joe and the newest first lady, Dr. Jill Biden. Naturally, many Americans can take a deep breath for the first time since 2019, but there is still a tough uphill battle ahead for the Biden presidency, and our country as a whole.

After his inauguration on January 20th Biden will be walking into a pandemic-ridden world and an extremely divided nation. Few moments in our history have seen such division, but bringing a disjointed nation back together may be a specialty for Biden. He not only understands the complex workings of government and diplomacy, but he is known for his ability to compromise and is very centered in his beliefs.

Uniting the nation may be a strong suit for Biden but dealing with Covid-19 and the looming economic disasters are unprecedented matters. It will take more than strong words and good ideas to get us out of the deep hole we currently sit in. On all levels detailed planning and execution is necessary. Getting our nation under control will in turn help us deal with the foreign disasters that were inflicted by the Trump administration.

Worldwide we have seen our national reputation begin to erode. Trump’s unconventional strategy to international diplomacy left much of our relationships in peril. Not to discount some of the successes President Trump did see internationally, but there is much work to be done. We will see the rebuild begin with the fight against climate change. With a reentrance into the Paris Climate Accord and new international teamwork to combat Covid-19, we may see a resurgence in faltering alliances.

For now, it is time for the nation to exhale. Whether you voted for Biden or not we need to embrace the coming change and put the horrendous events of 2020 behind us.

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